Peter Walters has written many songs for children to sing, and very many children have sung them. These are songs children love and remember - songs with meaning to them, with strong, easy to sing tunes, and writing that does not patronise young singers. 


Two song books are currently available to purchase - either in high quality books, or as a download

Spaceship Earth
£12.75 Book and CD


9 exciting new songs written for Primary Schools, all centred around Eco-Schools. Both performance versions and attractive backing tracks are inclued on the attached CD, with playable piano scores and lyric sheets in the book.


The Eco-Schools Programe is an International awards programme that guides schools on their sustainable journey. Eco-Schools can enhance the curriculum and get the whole school united behind something really important. What better way to do this than singing together as a school?


All the songs are tuneful and fun to sing, easy to learn, and relevant to children today. Energy, recycling, sustainability, biodiversity, healthy living, transport, and more are covered. The messages are positive and empowering and work wonderfully in School Assemblies.


Friends of the Earth have endorced this book, and specifically the download version, the greenest way of accessing these songs, piano scores, and lyric sheets. Their educators use the songs in their work with schools.


The aim of 'Spaceship Earth' is to educate and enthuse children about the importance of looking after our World and it's environment.

“Combines the performing arts and song with the important messages of eco-awareness. Ultimately lots of good learning, lots of good songs, and most importantly, lots of fun. Recommended as a Headteacher, without reservation.”

Paul Watson, Headteacher, Preston Hedges Primary School, Northampton (An OFSTED Oustanding School)         

Colours of Christmas
£12.95 Book and CD


A rich and varied collection of 12 new carols, written especially for children and teenagers, but great for all ages to sing. Ranging from traditional to modern, from a lullaby to rock’n’roll, from beautiful to fun, the carols are united in their aim to make the meaning of Christmas relevant to young people today. These are carols for the Twenty-First Century.


The carols are easy to learn with strong tunes and meaningful but understandable words. The piano parts are playable and the sheet music easy to read. Both the melodies and lyrics connect to children. They work well across Key Stages 2 and 3 particularly, though some are excellent with younger children. They will fit into any school’s Carol Concert, and you will find yourselves returning to them year after year.


Many are excellent for school choirs. Listen to ‘Hear Angels Sing’ (click on it in the box on the left) - the one of the collection already arranged in 3 easy to learn parts. ‘A New Beginning’ arranged in 4 parts is available as a free bonus download to purchasers of the book or download version.


Beyond this, many are appropriate to a church setting, having a timeless quality which fits with the classic carols we all know and love. Adults will also find meaning and enjoyment in singing them. The piano scores sound great played on church organ. 




"Finding something new for primary school Christmas celebrations is always a challenge - here we have 12 superb new songs with a real emphasis on the true meaning of Christmas. The music is fresh and original and there's something here for every school.
It would also form the basis of a school designed nativity giving you the songs around which to structure your own telling of the Christmas story. I'm looking forward to sharing these with our school choir this year!"

Bevely Affleck-Lyon, Deputy Headteacher, Woodland View Primary School, Northampton (An OFSTED Oustanding School)         

Spaceship Earth Download   £8.34  available



The download version has been endorsed by Friends of the Earth Youth and Education Network, and their educators are using the songs in schools. This is the most sustainable and ecological form of publishing. There is no packaging nor transport, and schools only print what they need (on recycled paper!) or simply upload the lyric sheets from PC to white board. This version has an additional 10th song 'One Big Jigsaw'. Click on the Tutti link above to buy.