Music for Picture written for a wide variety of projects - examples to be found below. Peter Walters writes in many genres appropriately for different film or video projects - commercial or art based, full project or trailer


Disassociationville trailer - scored by Peter Walters - winner of an Honourable Mention award in the Indie Gathering Film Scoring Competition 2016

Loose Ends

The opening tites of Dean Twaites short urban gangster film. Peter Walters' guitar driven soundtrack follows the twists of the plot.


Here the opening tites set the tone - taut and tense. A sense of the threat of violence yet to come is very present in the music


The opening sequence from a BBC Wild-life documentary series.


Orchestral and ethnic scoring are used here to give a sense of the place, but also the majesty of the scenery and, most importantly, of the animals.


The music characterises the creatures large and small and swells to the end title section.


A horror short by Dean Twaites - and the award winning score from the Birmingham Conservatoire film scoring competition. 


Recorded in the Conservatoire with members of the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra - including a near impossible trumpet solo. Aggression, then desolation from an orchestral score.

What Makes Flying So Easy?

A short Black and White silent film made by the London Film School. Scored as part of a British Academy of Composers and Song-writers project. 


The music plays a different role in silent films and supports the narrative closely. Comedic elements with fantasy  are carried by an alto sax part supported by rhythmic repetitive piano backing.