Choral music is core to Peter Walters' composing. Writing for choirs of different ages and abilities, in a variety of styles, the compositions are singable and attractive. Increasingly composing for unaccompanied adult choirs in up to 8 voices, his music is reaching a wider audience. Recent 1st prize winner of the Victoria Chorale Inaugural International Choral Composing Competitiom with the performances of 'Tell it to the Bees' planned in 2020 in Singapore.  He is also a Hong Kong Children’s Choir 50th Anniversary Choral Selection Winner, 2018 with 'I Know the Rain' - to be performed at the Anniversary Gala Concert in Hong Kong in later 2019. Listen below or look at the sample pages of the scores.

He would not stay for me, and who can wonder' - a setting of a four line poem by the celebrated English poet A E Houseman, set for unaccompanied SSAATTBB choir and here performed by the Contemporary Choral Collective of Los Angeles (C3LA) in St Johns Episcopal Cathedral, Los Angeles February 2019. The same choir had premiered this piece as their contribution to 'Fulfilling the Dream' - a celebration of Martin Luther King and the civil rights movement in the historic First Congregational Church of Los Angeles, January 2019

The Sleep of Spring -  Peter Walters' setting for unaccompanied SATB choir, of John Clare's poem, receiving it's premier by Choral Chameleon in New York City, June 2016. This is part of the 'Asylum' suite of 4 settings of John Clare poems for unaccompanied SATB choir by Peter Walters

Peter Walters has written for many choirs, from unison pieces for younger singers, through 2, 3 and 4 part arrangements, and now largely for SATB choirs, some with divsi up to 8 parts, for accompanied or a capella Adult Choirs. He writes for all ages, and has been performed by choirs ranging from 12 singers up to 350. Performances have been heard in Churches, Schools, and Concert Halls, on both sides of the Atlantic and into Europe and Asia.


He has adapted both poetry and biblical passages, and set classic carols, but writes much to his own original lyrics. The writing style varies, but is highly tuneful, and uses attractive harmonisation. Attention is given to each part having it's own melodic line to enable easier recall and singing.


Works are available for different voice combinations, but much is for SSA Girls Choirs. He has also written for the underprovided SAB choirs - this a common training ground for adolescent singers with boys whose voices have recently broken, but a group for whom little appropriate is available. Beyond this, he writes in the 'Small Church Choirs' format - with 2 females parts with an optional Baritone male line, suitable for many small church groups. The SATB works are largely awaiting publication by larger publishing houses.


A small selection of available published works is found below. Please contact us to enquire about 20 copy perfomance licences (other ensemble sizes can also be catered for)


I Know the Rain

SSA Vocal and piano score - £3.00


A beautiful and uplifting song for young singers about the life-giving power of rain and the water cycle. The 2 part version of this song was a awarded as Hong Kong Children’s Choir 50th Anniversary Choral Selection Winner


Arranged in three parts as SSA but both Soprano and Alto parts will be suitable for almost all girl singers, so suitable for Junior or Girls SSA or simple 3 part Choirs. Also available is the simpler 2 part choir version, again with piano accompaniment.


A sample page from the score can be viewed here:


Duration: 3:50


Once - a Suite of Three Songs

SSA Vocal and piano score - £5.50


Three songs in three parts. Inspired by tradiational tales known to all from childhood, but written here for teenagers and older, Exciting, beautiful and fun choral writing, making a entertaining and stimulating siute . Suitable for Girls' and Adult female choirs


Only Her Heart,   Alone In A Room By A Window,   Run, Run, Run


Sample pages from the score can be viewed here:


Duration: 10.00